Front right. 9.7.17

Front left. 9.7.17

Back right. 9.7.17

Back left. 9.7.17

2-week old Walt calf – the ‘Walt’s’ continue to stand out in the group.

Full sister to Walt, 1st calf heifer.

Walt daughter – Barrett Miss 520 of 236 WT

Walt daughter – Barrett Miss 609 236 WT

  • We combined our top Angus cow with the time-tested, Angus sire, 5522.
  • 5 full sisters in production with picture-perfect udders.
  • History of excellent structure & longevity on both sides.
  • The bull’s structure, movement and feet are exceptional
  • Bred and built for maternal traits, he will make cows with the convenience traits to last. Daughters are feminine and moderate, with a beautiful teat and udder.
  • Due to the 5522 part of him, there is the potential for Walt’s calves to have a little more gas than others. We feel it important to let producers know that they may carry the 5522 disposition in some instances. The bull himself has a great disposition, and the daughters we have raised have good dispositions.

Owned with Whitmer Ranch, Zenda, Kansas